The history of brass music in King's Park goes back to 1981 when Sam Allan, captain of the 118th Glasgow Boys' Brigade Company, invited boys in the company to join his new brass band. In 1983, ten boys took their place in the massed band of around two hundred players from Glasgow and across the UK in the organisation's centenary celebrations, which included an appearance at Ibrox Stadium.

Over the next few years, the band was opened up to girls from the local youth organisations. More youngsters were recruited, and the band grew into a full brass band which performed at a variety of events including concerts and church services in and around Glasgow. The band took part annually in the Boys' Brigade National Brass Band Contest, and enjoyed considerable success over a fifteen year period. Relationships were forged with youth brass bands in Denmark connected to the FDF/FPF, and this led to a highly successful visit to Denmark in 1997.

In the early 2000s it was acknowledged that the band in its then form had run its course and that change was needed in order to safeguard the future of brass banding in King's Park. It was recognised that there was a largely untapped pool of mainly young brass playing talent in the area made up of ex-members of the band and other players who learned to play in the local schools. The process of finding these players was started in summer 2003, resulting in a new adult brass band - King's Park Brass - appearing in public for the first time in spring 2004.

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